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(Prices based on 3 passengers minimum)

$2.50/pound cargo + taxes

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Alberta’s Golden Trout
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Landslide Lake – Year Round – Cutthroat Troat – $279

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Lake of the Falls – July 1 to Oct 31 – Cutthroat & Bull Trout – $279

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Ram River – June 16th – Oct. 31st – Trophy Cutthroat Troat – $729

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Michelle Lake – Aug 1 to Oct 31 – Golden Trout – $379

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Coral Lake – Aug 1 to Oct 31 – Golden Trout – $379

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Have you ever thought of taking your fishing skills to the next level?

Our heli-fishing adventures are designed for anyone who wants to enjoy the sport of fly-fishing on turquoise colored waters, nestled deep in the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. Seek out the rare and exotic Golden Trout, often considered the Holy Grail of freshwater fly-fishing, or simply enjoy the solitude of you, your friends and the fish.

Bring your own rod, food and camping gear… stay the day or even overnight!

Fortress Lake
Fly Fishing

(June 1 – September 30)

4 Days – $5,400 per person
(plus taxes & fees)
Friday to Monday

5 Days – $6,100 per person
(plus taxes & fees)
Monday to Friday

8 Days – $8,200 per person
(plus taxes & fees)
Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday

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What to Expect

Depart from Cline River Base
Flight over the Columbia Icefield (weather permitting)
Flight to and from Fortress
Fishing Gear Supplied
Experienced Fishing Guide
Lunch & Supper Provided
Fishing, Hiking and Kayaking

Fortress Lake is tucked away in a stunning, remote valley of the Canadian Rockies and is dominated by peaks towering a mile directly overhead and glaciers in a 360 degree “Fortress”. Fortress Lake offers some of the largest brook trout on the planet. Fortress Lake Wilderness Retreat provides trophy brook trout anglers a full service lodge accommodation, semi-guided fishing experience. The Fortress Lake valley also provides hikers, canoeists, and kayakers a back country oasis to discover. A 25 km perimeter provides stunning lake vistas, and several hiking trails. Fortress Lake is kitty corner to Jasper and Banff National Parks and Lake Louise, located in the province of British Columbia’s Hamber Provincial Park, and is an integral part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains UN World Heritage Site. This remote location is accessed by helicopter.

Refund & Cancellation Policy