Helicopter Tours

20 Min Flight

6 Glacier Tour

Get ready for the most awe-inspiring 20 minutes of your life! This helicopter tour is chock full of natural beauty, glaciers, and more.

Year Round

30 Min Flight

Epic Summit Tour

Join us on our most popular flight tour for 30 minutes of crevasses, glaciers and waterfalls over the beautiful Wilson Icefield.

Year Round

55 Min Flight

Complete Columbia Tour

The “Complete Columbia Icefields Tour” is just that – a complete, full, 55 minutes of gorgeous scenery AND ancient ice.

Year Round

Private Group
Tours & Bundles

Are you looking to make your experience private?

No worries, we’re here to help! Reach out to the Helicopter Base and we’ll help you set up a private helicopter tour that’s just for you! Don’t worry about sharing your ride with anyone else and make your experience one to remember.