Prior to Departing Your Location

–  Call prior to departing your location to confirm weather 

–  USA & Canada:  1.888.844.3514 / Local & International:  1.403.721.2100

–  Drive time from Lake Louise – 1 ½ hrs, Jasper – 2 ½ hrs.  There is no cell phone reception until you return

–  From October to April the gas station (The Crossing- located on the Icefield Parkway) is closed.  Make sure you have a full tank of fuel and emergency winter supplies.  Warm clothing etc.  A gas station is located 20 minutes east of the heliport 

–  Bring proper footwear, clothing, water and snacks!!! 


Arriving at the Heliport

– Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your trip’s departure

– Upon arriving at the heliport check-in at the front desk

– If travelling with pets, we have a complimentary pet sitting service.  Please do not leave pets locked in a vehicle during your stay.  We have an outdoor kennel or the 4 legged family members can stay with the crew.

–  Pets must remain on a leash at all times.  

–  Allocated smoking area is in the parking lot

–  No smoking in any other areas

–  Bathrooms on premises

– Payment will be taken prior to flight (at base or online)

–  If you have a voucher or gift certificate please bring it with you

– Waivers will be required to be signed for any Adventure Activity



– Guests will be given a safety briefing

– Guests will be asked to step onto a floating weigh scale to assess weight of trip.  We will do a group weight then weigh the two that will be sitting in front

– Seat surcharge for guests over 250lbs

– The helicopter configuration is 2 seats in front – 4 seats in back

– The type of helicopter Rockies Heli flies are A-Stars

– Weight restrictions for front seats (500lbs)

– Guests are to remain at the main building while waiting for their flight

– Guests will be escorted to the helicopter by ground crew 

– Wintertime:  guests will be taken to get outfitted with the proper winter gear

– You may or may not be combined with others; if you purchased a private trip no additional guests are added

–  Prior to entering the helicopter, a photo of your group will be taken  

–  An 8 x 10 photo can be purchased after your trip for $25.00

–  The helicopter may or may not be running while you are being loaded.  If the Heli is running, we ask that you approach the machine in a crouched over position.  Once you are beside the machine you can stand up.

–  We will load the 2 front guests first as they will be loading on the left side of the Heli (beside the pilot)

–  For the 4 guests you will walk in front of the Heli and enter the other side to access the door

–  Ground crew will help with the door, seat belts and headsets 

–  A face mask will be supplied if required. 

–  Photos can be taken while inside the helicopter

–  Please do not put your camera outside the window or anything else 

–  Enjoy your trip



– Once you return from your trip, ground crew will open doors and escort you safely away from the helicopter.   The Heli will still be running as cool down takes a couple of minutes

–  If you have any back packs in the cargo hold the crew will retrieve it for you

– You will return to the main lobby where coffee / tea is complimentary

–  Complimentary flight certificate with your name and a map of the route you flew

–  Sit back and enjoy the scenery[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]