Welcome to our office! The view from up here never disappoints. Come by for a visit, and see for yourself! We'll have the coffee pot ready ☕

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Ever dreamt of being flown into a lake by helicopter, and experiencing the quiet serenity of a fishing trip all to yourself? We can do that. Let us help you book your next relaxation vacation, and we'll even throw in a discount if you book with us directly! We will give you $25.00 off per ...person for cargo/gear at the base.

Give us a call at the heliport: (403)721.2100
or Toll Free: 1.888.844.3514 🐟

Three bladed rotor systems are better for stability, hover performance, and passenger comfort. It also has greater agility and can handle external cargo with ease. This is called a Fully Articulated rotor head. Anyone know what a two-bladed system is called? Let us know in the comments! ⬇⬇⬇

We spotted a Rockies Heli t-shirt in the wild! 🚁 @oldsspitfires

He's got sports style covered, how would YOU style a Rockies Heli shirt? Let us know your styling tips in the comments, and the 5 best ideas will win a free t-shirt!

***Winners will be chosen on March 31st, ...and DM'd for sizing and mailing information***

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📸: Cody Stubbs

In Alberta, the Sasquatch is known to be a benevolent being with a tendency to successfully avoid contact with humans. Yet, every year a cascade of motorists, tourists, hikers and furry friends alike have come across 'something' that resembles the mysterious creature. We've finally ...managed to capture our own photo, after operating out here for over 20 years! #lucky

Anyone else have a Sasquatch experience, or anything similar out here in Alberta? Share your story with us in the comments! #bigfoot

***We will pick 3 of the best stories to give away free Rockies Heli t-shirts!*** We will DM the winners for shirt sizing.

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"Sliger and his team offer breathtaking helicopter tours through the Canadian Rockies, plus additional activities like horseback rides, snowshoe tours and views of enchanting lake ice bubbles. He believes their tours deserve to stand out to guests who are genuinely ready to book ...them."

We are a proud partner with @getyourguide, and we couldn't be more excited to be highlighted as a success story! 🚁


We're in Calgary this weekend, showcasing our experiences for all you outdoor enthusiasts out there! Come by for a visit, we'd love to meet you! 🚁


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We had a BLAST visiting with Marley and Mocha here at the heliport! Safe to say the boss was smitten 🐶

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Puppies love helicopter rides, too! and we couldn't be happier to fly 'em. All furry friends are welcome, as long as they are secured and on a leash at all times for their safety. We even have stops available to add on any flight, should they enjoy a little exercise. We charge $3.00/lb, bring them along on your next visit! 🐶🐱🐰🐧

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Here is a photo of our visit to one of our favourite peaks, Mt. Hensley! Named after Patsy Cline (her maiden name was Hensley), this area avalanched on the far side of Landslide Lake over 1,000 years ago; making the trees here just as old! They look pretty good, in our opinion. We'll have to ...ask for their skincare regimen... 🗻

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Ever wondered what the Helicopter equivalent to a snowshoe is? It's called a Bear Paw! Just like a snowshoe, it disperses the aircrafts' weight over a larger surface area, allowing the pilot to navigate a landing on soft or uneven terrain. Pretty cool, huh? We think so, too 🚁

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Even we never tire of these views. Come join us for a flight, and see for yourself! 🚁

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We'll give you a hint... this is a winter season anomaly...

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We're captivated... any ideas what this is a photograph of? Let us know your guesses in the comments, and stay tuned for the big reveal!

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When the bride and groom outshine our helicopters on a mountain top, you know it's meant to be! 🥂

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📣📣📣 Rockies Heli Canada Specials! - Le Petite Valentine 📣📣📣

Looking to take your special Valentine on a helicopter flight? Take this one off your bucket list and hop on board for a 12 minute tour that will take you up the Cline ...River to Cline Glacier with views of up to 4 glaciers. On the way back you will get a bird’s eye view of the frozen beauty of Abraham Lake.

📣📣Rockies Heli Canada Special! - Je Taime Valentine 📣📣

This is a 25 minute Heli flight that flies over the majestic Rocky Mountains. Experience the beauty of the glaciers on your Valentine tour with your loved one. You will get a... bird’s eye view of the Wilson Icefield, Lion and Lioness Glacier and the frozen beauty of Abraham Lake. This tour will cover a lot of air and spectacular panoramas. You’ll land at the “Confluence” and snowshoe with your pilot to the frozen falls or land at Landslide Lake to snowshoe and enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate. (Pilot will select location based on weather).
Returning back to base you’ll enjoy roasting a sausage on a stick over the bonfire followed with the gooey goodness of creating S’mores (Marshmallows, Graham crackers and chocolate) over the open fire. Complimentary coffee and tea.

Extra Info:

Minimum of 2 passengers for tour.
Make this a private tour pay the extra seat and the Heli is yours.
Heli seats 6 passengers.
Weight restrictions apply – over 250lbs a seat surcharge of 50% of tour.
Waivers of Liability will be required to read & signed at base.
Winter Gear is provided for groups of up to 6 (Winter Jacket, Snow Pants, Boots – Size Dependent).
We do not supply gloves, but they can be purchased at the heliport for $15.00 a pair.

The Columbia Icefield brings visitors from all around the world to witness its awe-inspiring beauty. But the truth is - there is no better way to view it than from the window of a Helicopter. Don't cut your bucket-list trip short; take flight with us 🚁