Safety Briefing

When entering and exiting the helicopter, keep both hands on your thighs to keep low.

The blades din at the front so it is important to crouch down.

At the back of the helicopter, there is a tail rotor. When it’s spinning, it is invisible, so always stay in front of the helicopter.

At the front of the helicopter, on the passenger side, there is a first aid kit
*There is a fire extinguisher located on the back seat. It should never be let off in the cabin – only on the ground at the pilot’s discretion.

* On the left outer side of the helicopter, there is a survival kit, which has everything you need in an emergency.

*On the right outer side there is an Emergency Locating Transmitter. It will be activated in a hard landing. However, should you need to activate it yourself, there is a button on the dash under E.L.T.

Upon entering the helicopter, your seatbelts will be hanging behind your seat.

Pull them down across you like a car seatbelt and buckle it in like an airplane seatbelt.

Pull up on the buckle to release. We will assist you should you need.

*Above. you will see your headsets. Bring them down, and keep the mouthpiece close. It’s voice-activated, so if you can near your voice and the pilot’s voice, you’re set.

Upon exiting the helicopter, move away from the machines and head straight to base.

The power from the blades blows debris across the path so it’s important to move away immediately.

*Should any possessions be lost, or blown away upon entering the helicopter, DO NOT attempt to get it. Notify a member of the ground crew and we will retrieve it for you.

*There are to be NO selfie sticks used around the helicopters. Please keep them away until entering the helicopter.