Know Before You Go!


What do you see on the 12 minute Coral Creek flight?

Fly up Cline River, pass the hoodoos continuing up Entry Creek to Shoe Leather Creek, flying by the Lion and Lioness Glacier.  Returning via Lake of the Falls, with a bird’s eye view of Abraham Lake.

What mountains and glaciers do we see?

You will see six glaciers on the Wilson Icefield and spectacular waterfalls.

Can you land on the glaciers?

No, we do not land on the glaciers.

If something happens to the heli when it's stopped for the hike, can they come get us?

Yes, we will be able to get you off the mountain.

What type of helicopter do you fly?

6 passenger A-Star.

How many can go in the heli?

6 passengers

Does it get cold in the helicopter?

It might be a little chilly, so warm jackets are advised during winter but summer it will be warm.

How hard is the hike?

It is a moderate hike around the lake.

Can small children do the snowshoe?

Yes, we do have small size snowshoes.

Will we see any wildlife from the heli?

Not usually.

What kind of footwear and clothing should we wear for the hike?

In winter, please bring hats, mitts, winter jackets and winter boots. In summer, wear good walking shoes and a light jacket.