Alberta Exclusive Heli-Fishing Experience

Lake Louise and Jasper (Icefields Adventure Base)

Heli Fishing is for anyone who wants to enjoy an unbelievable sport fishing and fly fishing adventure of their lifetime. Mountains surround and make for a glorious backdrop to your adventure! No traffic, stop lights, horns, or telemarketers calling to bother you! Just you, your friends and the fish, enjoying the jade clear mountain waters!

Our Icefields location takes your fishing adventure to another level as we have access to incredible mountain lakes where you are able to fish for the rare Golden Trout. Golden Trout are considered the Holy Grail of freshwater fly fishing and are extremely rare and exotic. Golden Trout are only available in a few place in all of Canada, all of these places are found in the Rocky Mountains, and we have exclusive access for you through our heli fishing tours.

With Rockies Heli Canada we can get you to these amazing fishing lakes with a short and amazing helicopter ride rather than 20 hours of hiking.

Bring your own rod, food and camping gear, and we will fly you in. Stay the day or overnight.

Landslide Lake - $249/seat
Open Year Round
Limit 2 fish per day per size
Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Lake of the Falls - $249/seat
Limit 2 fish per day by size
Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Obstruction Lake - $449/seat
Opens July 1st
Limit 2 fish per day by size
Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Ram River - $649/seat
Opens July 1st
Catch and Release only
Fish: Trophy Cutthroat Trout

Michelle Lakes and Coral Lake - $349/seat
Opens August 1st
Limit 2 fish per day by size
Fish: Gold Trout

All prices a return trip, minimum 3 passengers, and do not include a $2 per pound cargo fee and taxes.

** Please note that the closest emergency facility is an hour from our heliport. If you are on medication or inhalers please make sure you bring extra medication in case of delays. If you have severe allergies please make sure you have an epi pen and that members of your party know how to use.


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