Heli Backcountry Camping

Lake Louise and Jasper (Icefields Adventure Base)

Coming 2015 we are excited to bring exclusive backcountry camping to Rockies Heli Canada.

Bring your gear and spend the night on top of a mountain peak deep within the heart of Rockies for a remarkable camping adventure. Our exclusive Icefields heli camping trip is designed for those with camping experience who are looking for a deeper and more adventurous camping experience. Our heli backcountry camping adventure allows you access to views and trails that very few people ever have a chance to see.

For our backcountry camping experiences, you will get flown in to either Landslide Lake or Lake of the Falls.

  • $249 per person + $2 per pound for cargo, minimum 3 people

** Please note that the closest emergency facility is an hour from our heliport. If you are on medication or inhalers please make sure you bring extra medication in case of delays. If you have severe allergies please make sure you have an epi pen and that members of your party know how to use.


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